Social Media & Kim Laughton’s Siliconcious.

By Jesse Bowling

Me and my friend Josh use Facebook messenger to communicate on a daily basis all day every day, even when I’m at home in the morning being like “keen on breakfast boiiii” oh yeah I also live with him.

Through social media and type language you can emit emotion through word structure or how blunt you talk, bold lettering, plenty of !!!!!!! etc. I feel when I talk to Josh I can grasp his mood or the emotions he is feeling at the time, and vice versa.

I also just got a Twitter account, which I’m kind of excited about!!!!! Twitter is this strange platform where it’s ok to vent your self for the world to see, make stupid remarks, and have online arguments.

What cant you do online, through a messaging service or social media, which you can’t communicate in irl?

Is it ok to break up with your partner via instant message? Why not? Your still going feel the same if you did it face to face, it’s the same outcome, if you really want to do it face to face use Skype.

Kim Laughton’s Siliconcious talks about all this pent up emotion that we put in the cloud and “hypothetically” gets stored within a silicone chip. This implies that we spend so much time portraying our online lives, all our happy moments NEED to be published online to show, how happy we are, to reinforce our personal persona in the physical domain, this can also be negative emotions too.

Over all I think this work brings digital technology into perspective for us, and shows our dependence/ level of social engagement we portray through these platforms. I’m unsure if these implications are bad so I’m probably going to post about it, and am going happy with using social media as an outlet?

I just want to be a Twitter artist now.


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