Interrogation by Ignas Kruglevicius – Exhibition Review

by Jessica Ziegler

Ignas Krunglevicius, Interrogation, 2009

Te Tuhi Gallery

7th March 2015 – 12th July 2015

I was entering into uncertainty as I parted the heavy grey fabric covering the doorway and passed into a dimly lit corridor. I must say I dubious to go further. What was I getting myself into? And why was I doing this alone? The description on the wall outside outlined “a dual channel video installation that delves into the psychology of a police interrogation through an abstract assault of sound, text and colour”, which in hindsight explained my initial reaction. The tall dark walls of the lengthy corridor towered over me but my eyes soon began to adjust to the darkness I had been plunged into. I could faintly make out multiple large dark rectangles protruding slightly from the walls all around me. I assumed they were speakers from the low hum and subtle vibration I was feeling. I can’t remember being able to see the end of the corridor, but I walked forward anyway. The further I walked, the louder the noise got. I could hear a large low drumming noise accompanied by a faster, higher-pitched, repeating tone. A single turn to my right and I was inundated with questions that assumed guilt. It was all black except for the bold white letters appearing on a false, V-shaped wall standing in the middle of the gallery. The dual channel video was projected onto the false wall with on one side for the interrogator, and the other for the suspect. The beeping continued as more words appeared on the wall. It was a dialogue but the suspect was not providing much of a response. The low drumming got faster and immediately the tension in the space grew. I was struggling to concentrate and keep up with the words pounding their way onto the wall. Though the running time is 13 minutes, it seemed to go by much faster than that. My mind was in a daze as I walked back down the corridor and emerged into the daylight. What did I just experience? Whatever it was, it was incredible. I found Interrogation to be an extremely powerful and immersive, full body experience because of the installation. The darkness, the flashing of the letters and the consistent beating noise made the use of the word “assault” in the wall text feel undeniably accurate. The work was an attack from all levels. You can watch the full video that was projected on the artist’s website: but I must recommend going to the exhibition to get the full experience.


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