Bohyun Yoon: To Reverse Yourself – Artwork Review

By Jesse Bowling

Yoons work “To Reverse Yourself”, is a mirrored work with a whole cut ¾ up the mirror for a participator to place their face.  This work is made from a freestanding wooden frame with a mirror placed on one façade.  This work is in reference to Giuseppe Penone’s work “To Reverse One’s Eyes”.


In a small write-up by Yoon on this work on his website he explains how he is interested in the relationship of self to others. This work starts to reflect a hybrid image that combines one, the viewer and two, the participator; the participators face is placed on the viewer’s body. This work is dependent on the interaction of two people, so that the full optical engagement can be realized. Yoon seeks to reverse the viewer’s perspective of one self and how this engages with the “other” or how one can see your self but the defining part of your identity is removed and replaced with someone else’s face.


Yoon also states “…my work speaks about illusional experience as a whole”. I find this statement quiet shallow, I do not feel that it’s an “illusion” it’s far more literal than a normal mirror. This work breaks the illusional aspects of the mirrors representation of reality and questions the Foucauldian notions I explained in my previous review of Anish Kapoor’s work.  As one is “over there” but not complete, the face of the participator is present physically, and replaces your reflection with a “real” face that is not your own.

Over all this is an interesting work when the representation of self is concerned and links to my thinking around my practice of the representation of self through a digital medium.

This can also been seen as another interesting selfie opportunity as there are apps that replace the face of you with another, with this object you can do it with out the use of a digital tool, and have a great photo with your BFF.


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