Weta Works Couch – Art Review

While wandering Cuba street on a ‘gallery wander’, I came across a concert couch sculpture  placed in front of a bar. The hard-shaped old fashion couch design did not pull me in to sit on it, as it was a cold wet night in Wellington. I then came across glass text explaining that Weta created the couch and that there was a built-in heater that turns on every hour. I was very surprised and interested in the choice of material such as concrete which is hard and cold in winter. Also though the heater goes on every hour, it’s only between 7am and 9pm. I missed this heater time period and was skeptical regarding the relaxing heat element. I guess the choice of concrete was due to the outdoor weather in Wellington which would destroy any other couch. This is all a ‘cold reading’ as I did not find any information online about this work and the label on the glass only labelled the chair and did not provide any additional information. A bit more information on how and why this was made would be nice as it has sparked my curiosity.

If I was to make an outdoor comfy furniture using the Wellington theme, I think a cover from the wind and rain would be great. As a person who wanders from the train station to Newtown often, hiding from the elements is key sometimes. While this work was a surprise sculpture to me I’d like to do a more simplified  method of surprising people.


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