‘Lilo’ – 30upstairs

Lilo”2m x 1.35m, Andrew Morley-Hall

By Jesse Bowling

5-28 March 2015

I visited the opening of “Lilo” Last week at 30upstairs, this image was attached to the emailed flyer and it instantly interested me. I entered room 2 of 30Upstairs to a full room of gallery patrons with the image “Lilo” stretched across the back wall. I was finding it hard to view the image in its entirety with people standing around and obstructing the image. I approached the image that seemed to be a large-scale digital print on paper, up close the image was blurry and pixelated and was attached to the wall with large pins or nails. As the room cleared out I stood back and was able to fully encompass the scale of the image and appreciated its domination of the wall. The lilo occupies the central position of the image and draws you into its subtle colour shift and its pearlescent surface. As I begun to ponder the image my thoughts wandered into the relationship of the blown-up lounger and its relativity to this lake or sea landscape – it seems to be a pristine object in a pristine environment. Aesthetically this work reminds me of an Internet aesthetic of juxtaposing superimposed imagery onto idealistic settings, that they would not normally occupy- like a 3D object floating in a cloud setting.


I wonder if this image needed to be printed on such a large format to communicate with its audience, I felt that the large scale did not add to the image as its available in varied sizes for purchase. This assumes that the artist does not intend it to be large format and this may have been Install only feature, to “fill” the room. Personally I would have liked to see this image through a different presentational strategy, it’s already a captivating image with out having it in such a large format.