Bond Street Pop Up – Exhibition Review

While most of us have been admiring the new look in Bond Street, one of our elected councilors is claiming that it’s an abomination, Lindsay Shelton said.
When presenting public art or installation your work becomes open to criticism. This work here done by the council as a pop up space was fun and unexpected to me. The swing is fun and relaxing within the weather proof shipping container. Also within is an image of nature and rivers. the fake grass adds to the nature theme and relaxing space.

But I think the isolated swing is to stage like and intimidating for me. As you swing alone and can’t relax knowing someone else might want to go on. The bean bags were successful and the fun polka dots on the ground made it fun. After reading that some shop owners were mad at the pop up I was baffled as to how this pop up was effecting sales. I would never walk down bond, apart from taking a short cut down this boring street. With the pop up space i was pulled into the space and it court my attention. I found out about the space from word of mouth as lots of people had seen and chilled in the area or had taken photos.

The work was successful in advertising its self as everyone talked and spread images on the media. I hope with my own work a label like pop up space or anything will become a means of finding tagging the image online.