Text by Louise Rutledge

I Love You / But I Want More – Exhibition Review

By Jordana Bragg

For nine days of  August (Monday 11 – Thursday 21, 2014) an undergraduate Fine Arts exhibition was held in the Engine Room Gallery (Block 1, Massey University Wellington, CoCA), open on site 12-4pm / 5.30-7pm.

Curated and facilitated by then fourth year Fine Arts (with Honours) student Louise Rutledge, by the pointed and seductive title: I Love You / But I Want More

The majority of the 17 Massey University Bachelor of Fine Arts undergraduate artists who installed over the nine day course of I Love You / But I Want More were curated by Rutledge to feature in the space for one day (12-4pm / 5.30-7pm), with particular artists assembling more permanent features that were apparent in the space during the closing event Thursday 21 (5.30-7pm).

All works which inhabited the space over the nine days (whether intermittently or permanently), when applied to Rutledges’ extremely considered approach and application of how best to optimise the space, made for a constantly engaging experience. With each day bringing traces from the day before, and every new piece installed adding something new to the conversation.

Upon entering the front foyer of the space to the immediate right sat the portable bookshelf Art Print Space alongside a small table offering tea, immediately encouraging a relaxed conversational space. On Tuesday August 12 2014 (day two), Robbie Whyte installed a participatory drawing space (in the form of a large sand pit and costume made rake), which emodied the space playfully and made room for serious contemplation.

As a constantly inviting and evolving process, (don’t disregard the next sentence as purely lip service), I Love You / But I Want More is currently incomparable to any past Engine Room exhibition that I have attended during my time as a BFA student at Massey University, Wellington.

(Header text: Louise Rutledge)