Panther Modern – Gallery Review


By Jesse Bowling

Panther Modern is an online platform (“gallery”) that supports “post internet” art. Panther Modern invites artists to exhibit within this platform in “rooms” that are created each time an artist is about to be shown. These “rooms” are virtual and can be created by the artist using 3D programs; these “rooms” are then attached to the previous rooms to build Panther Modern into a larger virtual space. So far Panther modern is compiled of 8 rooms, the 9th room has been announced featuring the work by Mark Dorf. I wanted to pay particular attention to room 8 by Kim Laughton; Kim has created a 3D architectural space that resembles a gallery that is defunct or vacant/forgotten about. Kim’s “room” is a hyper-realistic rendition of a gallery space that brings into question our perception of the “ reality” of space and its construction. This brings to question art and object and how physical art objects exist only in a gallery and homes of art appreciators but what happens to these objects when they are in transitional periods/storage. Art objects are catalogued on the Internet and books, so why cannot art only exist on this platform of a book or Internet platform. This can also relate to video work and projection works, we justify these being physical because this medium is viewed through something physical- but then so is this website, because I’m looking at it through a screen just like viewing a video work on a TV screen in a gallery. The difference here that can spark argument is that video or projection work is set up as a spectacle, a temporary artwork that is viewed during a certain time frame- then documented on the Internet and/or books.

Panther modern is for everyone at every moment of the day/year/month who wishes to engage with this platform, an interesting idea of what could be a “public” gallery.